Sunday, April 15, 2012

Unalaska Island... and new blog

Hello back!
After some days thinking about it, I decided to create a new blog, about differents parts of the world.
My objective will be to show differents parts of the whole world in 80 posts.
And so, I decided to start in Unalaska Island, Alaska.

If you want to visit my new blog, you can do it HERE
Anyway, I'll post the first of the posts here so you can read it and, if you are interested in it, follow my other blog so you can join my in this cyber-travel.

Unalaska is located in Alaska’s southwest region, and because of that it's only accessible by air and by sea.

Unalaska is the second-largest island in the Fox Islands group and the Aleutian Islands. It's coastline is markedly different in appearance than other major Aleutian Islands, with innumerable inlets and peninsulas.

The irregular coastline is broken by three long deep bays, Beaver Inlet, Unalaska Bay, and Makushin Bay, as well as by numerous smaller bays and coves. Unalaska's terrain is rugged and covered with mountains, and during the greater part of the year the higher elevations are covered with snow.

The ice-covered Makushin Volcano is located on the island. With an elevation of 2,036 metres, it's summit is the highest point on the island.

Historically, Makushin is one of the most active volcanoes in the Aleutian Islands, erupting at least two dozen times over the past several thousands years, the last in 1995.

Seventeen explosions or eruptions of the Makushin Volcano have been recorded since 1786, though the magnitude has been termed as “small-to-moderate”.

The closest town to the Volcano is the Unalaska town which is located 1,280 kilometers from Anchorage on the Aleutian Archipelago at the northern end of the Island.

The population was 4,283 at the 2000 census. Almost all of the community's port facilities are on Amaknak Island, better known as Dutch Harbor or just "Dutch". It is the largest fisheries port in the U.S. by volume caught.

The port of  Dutch Harbor is the main port and field base for the storied Bering Sea king crab fishery. The Dutch Harbor crabbing fleet is featured in the television show Deadliest Catch, the documentary style show on the Discovery Channel, and Dutch Harbor's facilities and local pub are featured prominently in numerous episodes.

Following the rains and warming at the end of winter, the tundra of Unalaska quickly turns a deep emerald green. By mid-summer, a hiker off-trail may find himself waist deep in a glorious profusion of wildflowers, or resting happily on a springy "bed" more than a foot deep.

At higher elevations, the visitor can find several species of lousewort, harebells, Chutchi primrose, and Ross avens.

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